Bradley Hajim

Bradley Hajim

Welcome to Grand Lake Cabin Rentals!  My name is Bradley Hajim, and I am a Colorado architect, property developer and realtor.  I am also a bit of a dreamer and have always dreamt about that little cabin in the woods.  Let me share my journey with you and how I came to love Grand Lake–Colorado’s best kept secret.

Originally, I moved to Colorado to attend college.  I would take weekend excursions to scout out lake front communities within driving distance of Denver.  I have always had a strong affinity for lake living as I spent my childhood summers on lakes in Vermont and New Hampshire. Those were good times that still burn brightly in my memory.

One weekend, my father and I discovered Grand Lake, and on a whim, we bought an old lakefront cottage to fix up and sell.  We transformed an old tired shell into a lakefront gem.   Little did we know, this project would be the beginning of a 20-year design/development partnership between us, and also the beginning of my design career.

After I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver, I enrolled in the University of Colorado’s Master of Architecture Program.  My father and I continued to design and develop projects exclusively in Grand Lake–a place where when you built something it had an immediate impact on the community.  Each project would move the design vernacular of the entire town.

Since 1990, I have designed and built more than 40 custom homes and a multifamily project in the area.  Additionally, I redeveloped a block of the town’s Main Street into commercial condominiums and developed two 50 +/- lot residential subdivisions.

My career took me on many building adventures and by the year 2009, I was building primarily large luxury homes. After the recession, I refocused my energy on that little cabin in the woods. Taking into account all I had learned about luxury home design, I refined an architectural plan that embodied the critical elements of cabin design, and I created a dynamic yet efficient plan, which resonated with my contemporary clients. 

Then, a unique piece of property became available, right in the heart of this fun and eclectic village. This would be the location where I would build four unique model cabins for the public to enjoy, and also the beginning of Grand Lake Cabin Rentals.

These cabins are not your regular run-of-the mill cabin rentals.  Committed to unique and efficient cabin design and construction, each cabin has its own distinct personality, which has influenced every aspect of the cabin’s interior and exterior design.  Pictures and plans can only tell part of the story of how I configured 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a generous living room/dining room/kitchen into a little more than 1,000 square feet.  I truly believe the best way to understand a space is to experience it. 

I invite you to share a little bit of my dream.  Stocked with everything you need to enjoy your stay, from bedding to board games, a relaxing and wonderful adventure awaits you in this charming lakeside mountain town.  I know you will enjoy your stay!